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Exciting News- Grand Opening!

May 2022

Many of you know me as "the insurance lady" that is always here to answer question and direct you down the right path for your health insurance needs.  I am still that "lady".  I still have the same commitment and values.  I just have different contact information!  This is exciting for all of us!


May 2022

Did you know that using an agent or "navigator" can save you money?  Agents can use their knowledge to help you find a plan that works best for your needs.  Sometimes, buying the most expensive plan is not the best option.  An agent can also explain what all of those numbers mean in your insurance plan.  What is a Deductible?  What is Max-out-of-pocket? What are co-pays?  Agents can also help you determine your prescription drug cost based on the specific name and dosage of your drugs.  

Young Family
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